Why DrinkAid Is The Anti-Hangover Pill You're Looking For

Posted on 09 Nov 2022
Why DrinkAid Is The Anti Hangover Pill You're Looking For
There’s no shortage of anti-hangover supplements in the market. While the market may not be as vast or diversified as other supplements like vitamins and minerals, consumers still have many types of pre-drinking or anti-hangover pills to choose from. Nevertheless, DrinkAid remains confident that despite much competition, our Complete Alcohol Defence is one of the most effective solutions for hangover symptoms you can get your hands on, especially with an affordable price tag! Here’s why. 


1) Made from high-quality and all-natural ingredients 


Offering at an economical price does not mean we have used low-quality and subpar ingredients for our supplements. In contrast, our Complete Alcohol Defence is made from some of the most premium ingredients, such as the Japanese Raisin Tree, a plant only found in parts of Asia, namely Eastern China, Korea, and the Himalayas. Raisin Tree has long been used as a traditional hangover remedy due to studies showing that the plant decreases circulating levels of alcohol in the body.


One of these antioxidants is Succinic Acid, which protects the liver from damage. Other ingredients include Ginger Extract, Black Pepper Extract, and various nourishing vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. If you’d like to find out more about each ingredient and its benefits, read here.


2) Scientifically formulated


With DrinkAid, you can rest assured that you’ll be consuming supplements that are scientifically formulated to the highest standards and have been proven to work. Aside from being produced in an authorised facility, our Complete Alcohol Defence is lab-tested and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-certified to enforce consistency in quality and ensure no fillers and additives are present.


Moreover, here at DrinkAid, we don’t believe in anecdotal findings. Everything has to be supported by evidence and proper research - made possible only through years of working alongside scientists, nutritionists, and pharmacologists. Take a look at our White Paper for detailed information about our product. That’s how transparent we are.


3) Highly effective 


What’s good about science-backed premium ingredients if the product itself is unable to work effectively? DrinkAid is 100% confident that you’ll feel a lot better after taking our Complete Alcohol Defence to the point that we offer a full money-back guarantee. A study we’ve conducted showed that up to 93.8% of the 50 individuals tested felt a significant reduction in common hangover symptoms, such as Asian flush and nausea. More importantly, all 50 individuals had no adverse effects after taking the supplements. This proves that our product works and is safe for consumption.


4) Local-based


By supporting DrinkAid, you’re supporting a local-based business that was born out of a goal to reduce the unpleasant side effects of drinking alcohol. For Asians, that includes the all-too-familiar Asian flush, which is an issue that is unfortunately not addressed by other anti-hangover supplements. Well, no worries, as our founders, Solomon Poon and Ryan Foo, both alumni from Singapore Management University (SMU), have seen to it that Asians can continue drinking to their hearts’ content without fearing the repercussions of doing so.




To sum it up, DrinkAid’s Complete Alcohol Defence is the alcohol recovery pills you’re looking for to reduce Asian flush and ease other hangover symptoms. Now, you can stay protected during emergencies or impromptu drinking sessions! While you can purchase our supplements online, you can also find us at our wellness partners, which include ZOUK Singapore, SOL Singapore, No. 5 Emerald Hill, and many more, at $25 per box or $5 per sachet.