5 Common Drinking Myths That You Shouldn't Believe

Posted on 26 Jan 2023
5 Common Drinking Myths That You Shouldn't Believe

At times, ignorance is bliss. However, this does not apply when dealing with alcohol, as blissful ignorance only brings out horrible hangovers and unnecessary suffering. With the countless myths circulating in the world of drinking, we figured some myth-busting is in order to help you avoid wherever ignorance may land you the next time you have one too many.


1. You can learn to "hold your liquor"


Some people take several drinks before getting that "buzz" from the alcohol. Alcohol enthusiasts termed this as being able to "hold your liquor". In most cases, they are unaware that this increased tolerance to alcohol is not a good thing and should be seen as a sign of caution as they are at an increased risk of developing Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), otherwise commonly known as alcoholism.


2. Switching drinks causes hangovers


Hangovers are only caused by the rate at which alcohol is consumed and the amount of alcohol involved. As the liver metabolises alcohol, its normal functions get impaired, such as maintaining the normal concentration of blood sugar levels, resulting in lower-than-normal blood sugar. This leads to headaches, irritability, and other similar symptoms.


3. Alcohol can be used as a food supplement


It’s vital to know that alcohol offers no nutritional value, minerals, vitamins, or proteins of any kind. What it does contain is plenty of calories that can serve as an immediate energy source, turning the food into fat and stored in the body.


4. Beer before liquor


Some believe that starting with a few beers means the following tequila shots will pack a stronger punch, which is not the case. As mentioned previously, the mix or order of drinks doesn't matter as much as the quantity you consume.


What makes the following hangover less intense has more to do with the total congener and alcohol content in your drinks. The higher the amount of congener in your alcoholic beverage, the more severe your hangover will be.


5. “Breaking the seal”


It is a fact that drinking alcohol makes you pee more as it suppresses the vasopressin hormone in your body and directs fluids straight to the bladder. Alcohol is also a diuretic that sucks water from the cells and forces it to the bladder. These two mechanisms combined mean it is impossible to resist the urge to go once you start drinking and as long as there is alcohol in your system. Thus, breaking the seal is all just in your head.




When it comes to the libations, a little knowledge goes a long way to ensure a fun yet safe night of drinking. With that said, we recommend taking DrinkAid's Complete Alcohol Defence as a pill to take before drinking.


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