What makes DrinkAid better than other competitors?

DrinkAid is the only solution on the market that provides heavy duty protection against acetaldehyde, the root cause of alcohol's side effects. This is done via 4 mechanisms

  • Increasing the activity of ALDH enzymes that break down acetaldehyde
  • Increasing NAD+, an important cofactor that breaks down acetaldehyde
  • Directly breaking down acetaldehyde by providing electrons that oxidize acetaldehyde into acetic acid
  • Acting as a protection buffer against liver cell damage caused by acetaldehyde.

Due to how DrinkAid stacks these synergistic mechanisms, DrinkAid users report feeling less intoxicated, retaining more cognitive faculties and sobering up quickly after drinking.

Will DrinkAid increase my alcohol tolerance?

Yes, if taken before drinking.

Does DrinkAid work for all types of alcohol?

Yes, all alcoholic drinks contain ethanol which converts into toxic acetaldehyde. DrinkAid breaks down this toxic compound so you can avoid any side effects.

Why does DrinkAid have less DHM than other competitors? Isn't more DHM better?

This is one of the biggest scientific myths used for marketing purposes. The bioavailability of DHM is only 4.02%, so occupying more capsule space with it actually leads to exponentially decreasing effectiveness relative to what could otherwise be achieved (with good formulation work)! Our R&D team has personally tested all possible doses of DHM and noticed a point of significantly diminishing returns. This is why we have dosed DHM in the perfect sweet spot, making space for more ingredients to work together in unison.

Should I take DrinkAid before or after alcohol?

Before: To prevent side effects (eg. flushing, headaches, nausea) or getting drunk.
After: To sober up quickly and prevent hangovers
Before and After: For heavier drinking sessions

Can I still get the alcohol high?

Yes, you will still be able to feel the positive buzz because acetaldehyde is mostly responsible for the negative side effects of alcohol consumption.

Why do I still feel hungover?

- For stronger hangover relief, take DrinkAid after drinking (VS before drinking) - Heavy drinking requires heavy protection. We recommend taking DrinkAid before and after alcohol. - DrinkAid is not a substitute for hydration; always drink a glass of water after consuming alcohol.

Are there any side-effects?

Taking Drinkaid before drinking will make it more difficult to get drunk. We see this as a positive side effect!

Will I get hit twice as hard once DrinkAid wears off?

No, DrinkAid breaks down toxic acetaldehyde in an irreversible manner.

Can I use DrinkAid to lower my Alcohol Breath Content?

We’re still conducting studies so we can’t give a concrete answer, but we’re optimistic based on initial findings!  We certainly hope so, since lower alcohol levels would mean safer roads for everyone.

Does DrinkAid have any safety certifications?

DrinkAid is compliant with local regulations and produced in a GMP-accredited facility. We also send every batch of ingredients for HPLC purity testing. Lab reports can be sent upon request.