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Ingredient Composition
DrinkAid: Complete Alcohol Defence is made from the highest quality natural ingredients:
Japanese Raisin Tree, Ginger Extract, L-Pyroglutamic Acid, Succinic Acid, Black Pepper Extract, S-Acetyl Glutathione Nourishing Vitamins.

NAC Korean Pear Quercetin Milk Thistle

Contains the active ingredient dihydromyricetin that has been shown to alleviate common discomforts of alcohol consumption [1], curb liver damage from alcohol [2] and increase enzymatic breakdown of acetaldehyde by 30%, thereby reducing acetaldehyde levels in both blood and saliva [3][4].

A natural herb that reduces the stomach-churning sensation from acetaldehyde buildup [5] and prevents cognitive impairment after drinking [6]

An amino acid with excellent antioxidant properties. It increases the liver recovery rate [7], speeds up recovery from intoxication [8] and prevents antioxidant depletion by acetaldehyde [9].

A potent antioxidant found in broccoli and rhubarb. It reverses the cellular dysfunction caused by acetaldehyde[10], protects the liver from damage [11] and stimulates the breakdown of acetaldehyde [12].

A spice that increases the availability and effect of DrinkAid ingredients by preventing their glucoronidation/breakdown in the small intestine [13].

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that detoxifies acetaldehyde, but gets depleted in the process [14]. S-acetyl glutathione is an improved version that boosts glutathione levels more effectively than taking glutathione itself [15].

We use Vitamins B1, B6 and C which work synergistically to protect against acetaldehyde toxicity.

NAC administered after alcohol may cause more liver damage and oxidative stress - [Source]

Korean Pear may increase acetaldehyde levels in individuals with the Asian flush gene, worsening their symptoms - [Source]

As an anti-histamine, Quercetin masks the side effects of alcohol without addressing the root cause (acetaldehyde), taking up unnecessary space in formulas that do contain it. Furthermore, it leads to unmonitored buildup of acetaldehyde which may cause even more oxidative stress on the body.

No evidence of support for acetaldehyde clearance. May also worsen the progression of certain liver conditions when taken with alcohol - [Source]

The DrinkAid Advantage

Lab-tested. GMP-certified.

DrinkAid is HPLC lab-tested for purity, ensuring that our product is free from fillers and additives.

DrinkAid is also produced in a certified facility so you know that quality is kept to the highest standards.

Backed by science and evidence.

DrinkAid doesn't rely on anecdotal findings - its efficacy is fully supported by scientific research, so you can be sure that it works. Read more about this in our white paper here: Official White Paper

Benefits at a glance:

Feel at least 50% better the next day - or your money back.

We conducted a focus study across 50 individuals before and after they consumed DrinkAid. The results speak for themselves:
  • - 93.8% felt a reduction in hangover symptoms (including headache, fatigue and nausea);
  • - 74% felt a noticeable reduction in asian flush levels; and
  • - 100% experienced no adverse reactions to the supplements.

Your questions answered

Are there any side-effects?

Taking Drinkaid before drinking will make it more difficult to get drunk. We see this as a positive side effect!

Will I get hit twice as hard once DrinkAid wears off?

No, DrinkAid breaks down toxic acetaldehyde in an irreversible manner.

Can I use DrinkAid to lower my Alcohol Breath Content?

We’re still conducting studies so we can’t give a concrete answer, but we’re optimistic based on initial findings!  We certainly hope so, since lower alcohol levels would mean safer roads for everyone.

Does DrinkAid have any safety certifications?

DrinkAid is compliant with local regulations and produced in a GMP-accredited facility. We also send every batch of ingredients for HPLC purity testing. Lab reports can be sent upon request.

Does DrinkAid work for all types of alcohol?

Yes, all alcoholic drinks contain ethanol which converts into toxic acetaldehyde. DrinkAid breaks down this toxic compound so you can avoid any side effects.

Should I take DrinkAid before or after alcohol?

Before:To prevent side effects (eg. flushing, headaches, nausea) or getting drunk.
After:To sober up quickly and prevent hangovers
Before and After:For heavier drinking sessions

Will DrinkAid increase my alcohol tolerance?

Yes, if taken before drinking.

Can I still get the alcohol high?

Yes, you will still be able to feel the positive buzz because acetaldehyde is mostly responsible for the negative side effects of alcohol consumption.

Why do I still feel hungover?

- For stronger hangover relief, take DrinkAid after drinking (VS before drinking)
- Heavy drinking requires heavy protection. We recommend taking DrinkAid before and after alcohol.
- DrinkAid is not a substitute for hydration; always drink a glass of water after consuming alcohol.