RAIR Recovery


RAIR Recovery

RAIR is the first oxygen-rich water to improve recovery from exercise and alcohol, and elevate athletic performance.

Unmatched oxygen content and stability;
Unmatched endurance and recovery.

One bottle contains 450ml of oxygen-loaded hydration (16.4ppm, ultra-stable).

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Benefits from RAIR

With just one bottle increasing your blood oxygen levels by up to 20%, you can experience benefits such as:

Higher endurance, stamina & recovery through reduced lactic acid buildup

Improved energy and clarity via increased ATP production

Prevents hangovers due to faster acetaldehyde breakdown and rapid rehydration

Your questions answered

How is RAIR Recovery different from other oxygenated waters?

RAIR Recovery has up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than other brands and takes nearly 150 hours to release all its oxygen, compared to minutes for ordinary oxygenated water.

Due to this superior oxygen content and unmatched stability, it is the only water on the market that increases blood oxygenation levels (measured via PaO2 in mmHg) by 10-20%. This confers all the downstream benefits for recovery and performance that makes RAIR so unique.

When should I take RAIR Recovery?

15-30 minutes before exercise: To maximize oxygen delivery and enhance your workout performance

During longer workouts: To keep you going longer and stronger

After alcohol (ASAP): To reverse dehydration and accelerate recovery

Can I pair RAIR Recovery with DrinkAid?

Absolutely, and it's highly recommended! RAIR Recovery and DrinkAid complement each other perfectly to help prevent post-drinking side effects.

DrinkAid is an exceptional antioxidant powerhouse that breaks down acetaldehyde, the root cause of symptoms. However, alcohol-induced dehydration can still lead to head discomfort.

This is where RAIR Recovery comes in, providing swift hydration and an oxygen boost to enhance ATP production, which can alleviate head discomfort as well. Together, they form a powerful duo in the battle against hangovers.

What kind of performance improvements can I expect with RAIR Recovery?

During internal testing, our team performed various "controlled resistance" exercises such as rowing, pushups and pullups. Using a finger prick lancet and lactate meter, we recorded lactic acid readings with and without RAIR Recovery.

The average result was a 10-15% reduction in lactic acid buildup when RAIR Recovery was taken 20mins before exercise. We see this as a big gamechanger for endurance sports!

Is RAIR Recovery safe to consume?

Yes, RAIR Recovery is produced in an SFA-licensed facility. The manufacturing process does not introduce any extra chemicals, and the product undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure its safety.

Isn't too much oxygen a bad thing?

Oxygen toxicity only happens at partial pressures of 380mmHg (extended periods) or 1200mmHg (short periods). In contrast, the human body contains an oxygen partial pressure of only 60-100mmHg. RAIR elevates this by about 20%, and is well within safe and beneficial levels. It's about providing a helpful boost, not an excess.

How does RAIR Recovery improve athletic performance and recovery?

RAIR Recovery increases blood oxygenation levels by 10-20%, which enhances energy production, endurance, and post-exercise recovery by reducing lactic acid buildup and muscle inflammation.

How much RAIR Recovery should I drink to see benefits?

You can expect a 10-20% improvement in blood oxygen levels after drinking just 1 bottle of RAIR Recovery. This translates to a reduction in lactic acid buildup of roughly 10%.

How does RAIR Recovery help with hangover recovery?

RAIR Recovery helps to break down alcohol and acetaldehyde in the bloodstream more efficiently, as oxygen is a cofactor in the metabolism of alcohol by alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). It also reverses dehydration caused by alcohol, enhancing hangover protection.

How long can I store RAIR Recovery, and does it need to be refrigerated?

RAIR Recovery can maintain nearly the same oxygen levels for 58 days when the bottle cap is opened and recapped daily. It does not require refrigeration, but it's best to store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Can I freeze or boil RAIR Recovery?

No, subjecting RAIR Recovery to freezing or boiling temperatures diminishes its effectiveness, as these conditions disrupt the finely-tuned hydrogen bonding between water and oxygen molecules that makes RAIR Recovery so beneficial.