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RAIR Recovery

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RAIR is the first oxygen-rich water to improve recovery from exercise and alcohol, and elevate athletic performance.

Unmatched oxygen content and stability;
Unmatched endurance and recovery.

One bottle contains 450ml of oxygen-loaded hydration (16.4ppm, ultra-stable).


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Enhanced alcohol metabolism

Enhanced blood flow

Improved energy levels

Improved endurance & stamina

Your questions answered

How is RAIR Recovery different from other oxygenated water brands?

RAIR Recovery has 30-50% more dissolved oxygen than other brands and takes nearly 150 hours to release all its oxygen, compared to minutes for ordinary oxygenated water. Due to its superior oxygen content and unmatched stability, it is the only water on the market that increases blood oxygenation levels (measured via PaO2 in mmHg) by 10-20%.

Is RAIR Recovery safe to consume?

Yes, RAIR Recovery is safe to consume. The manufacturing process does not introduce any extra chemicals, and the product undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure its safety. (Produced in an ISO-certified facility)

Can I freeze or boil RAIR Recovery? 

No, subjecting RAIR Recovery to freezing or boiling temperatures diminishes its effectiveness, as these conditions disrupt the finely-tuned hydrogen bonding between water and oxygen molecules that makes RAIR Recovery so beneficial.

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Xue w.
Singapore Singapore

Helped in refreshing faster

Had the RAIR after drinking, did help compared to normal water! Will get more :)

Lee S.
Singapore Singapore

Hydration thumbs up

Helped with battling dehydration after a night of drinking. Worked best when drank during or right after a drinking session, but even when drank the next day, it helped with any tiredness and dehydration. Doesn't hurt that the bottle is super cute as well

Joe L.
Singapore Singapore

Amazing product, excited to try and was impressed!

Have been testing its use to clear my brain fog and for exercise. Have been feeling better at work, post-drinking, and during my workouts. Looking forward to using this more often!