DrinkAid: Complete Alcohol Defence Sharing Pack


DrinkAid: Complete Alcohol Defence Sharing Pack

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Our 100% natural formula that protects you from the side effects of alcohol consumption, so you can truly enjoy your night out and still be productive the next day.


One box contains 30 servings, total 60 capsules.

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Product of Singapore

Our Products are proudly manufactured and packaged in Singapore.

Formulated By Experts

Our products are proudly manufactured and packaged in Singapore.

Clinically Tested

We are the only brand to work with educational institutions such as National University of Singapore to validate the our product efficacy.



100% Natural Ingredients:

Japanese Raisin Tree, Ginger Extract, L-Pyroglutamic Acid, Succinic Acid, Black Pepper Extract, S-Acetyl Glutathione, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.

The Health Benefits

The most comprehensive alcohol defence supplement. We’re here to change the way you enjoy your alcohol.

Improve productivity the next day

Reduces asian flush

Ease discomfort during drinking

The DrinkAid Effect

What happens inside your body when you consume DrinkAid: Complete Alcohol Defence

15 min

Our pill begins to break down in your stomach, releasing the DrinkAid mix into your digestive system.

30 min

Our pill is fully released into your digestive system. You begin to feel the first benefits of DrinkAid

1 H

The active ingredients reach peak concentration in your bloodstream. A warm sensation might be felt due to our ginger extract

2 H

The enzyme responsible for metabolising alcohol gets upregulated, allowing you to regain your cognitive abilities more quickly

4 H

Your liver remains protected and works less hard to metabolize the toxic by-products of alcohol

12 H

You wake up feeling refreshed, wondering if you've even had alcohol the night before

DrinkAid works incredibly well

We conducted a focus study across 50 individuals before and after they consumed DrinkAid. The results speak for themselves:

- 93.8% felt a reduction in hangover symptoms (including headache, fatigue and nausea);
- 74% felt a noticeable reduction in asian flush levels; and
- 100% experienced no adverse reactions to the supplements.
Ingredient Composition
DrinkAid: Complete Alcohol Defence is made from the highest quality natural ingredients:
Japanese Raisin Tree Ginger Extract L-Pyroglutamic Acid Succinic Acid Black Pepper Extract S-Acetyl Glutathione Nourishing Vitamins

Contains the active ingredient dihydromyricetin that has been shown to alleviate common discomforts of alcohol consumption [1], curb liver damage from alcohol [2] and increase enzymatic breakdown of acetaldehyde by 30%, thereby reducing acetaldehyde levels in both blood and saliva [3][4].

A natural herb that reduces the stomach-churning sensation from acetaldehyde buildup [5] and prevents cognitive impairment after drinking [6]

An amino acid with excellent antioxidant properties. It increases the liver recovery rate [7], speeds up recovery from intoxication [8] and prevents antioxidant depletion by acetaldehyde [9].

A potent antioxidant found in broccoli and rhubarb. It reverses the cellular dysfunction caused by acetaldehyde[10], protects the liver from damage [11] and stimulates the breakdown of acetaldehyde [12].

A spice that increases the availability and effect of DrinkAid ingredients by preventing their glucoronidation/breakdown in the small intestine [13].

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that detoxifies acetaldehyde, but gets depleted in the process [14]. S-acetyl glutathione is an improved version that boosts glutathione levels more effectively than taking glutathione itself [15].

We use Vitamins B1, B6 and C which work synergistically to protect against acetaldehyde toxicity.

Analysis of DrinkAid Vs Other Brands
Other Brands
Clinically Tested Tick Cross
Formulated by Experts Tick Cross
GMP-certified Tick Cross
Custom Alcohol Detox Blend Tick Cross
Made in Singapore Tick Cross
Bestselling Alcohol Detox Supplement Tick Cross


What makes DrinkAid better than other competitors?

DrinkAid is the only solution on the market that provides heavy duty protection against acetaldehyde, the root cause of alcohol's side effects. This is done via 4 mechanisms

  • Increasing the activity of ALDH enzymes that break down acetaldehyde
  • Increasing NAD+, an important cofactor that breaks down acetaldehyde
  • Directly breaking down acetaldehyde by providing electrons that oxidize acetaldehyde into acetic acid
  • Acting as a protection buffer against liver cell damage caused by acetaldehyde.

Due to how DrinkAid stacks these synergistic mechanisms, DrinkAid users report feeling less intoxicated, retaining more cognitive faculties and sobering up quickly after drinking.

Will DrinkAid increase my alcohol tolerance?

Yes, if taken before drinking.

Does DrinkAid work for all types of alcohol?

Yes, all alcoholic drinks contain ethanol which converts into toxic acetaldehyde. DrinkAid breaks down this toxic compound so you can avoid any side effects.
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Faith P.

Not so secret weapon

This is a repeat buy for me. 2 pills before and 2 after, and I'm able to get up early and refreshed for the gym and work.

shawn c.
Philippines Philippines


works pretty well