4 Tell-Tale Signs That You've Drunk A Little Too Much

Posted on 11 Jan 2023
4 Tell-Tale Signs That You've Drunk A Little Too Much

Given our varying tolerances against alcohol, some people can suffer more from a hangover than others. Thus, if you think you have it worse than your mates after a night of drinking, you may be right for reasons we will explore below. Get to know the four signs that you've had one too many.


1. Feeling bedridden for a day


While it is common to wake later in the day after some heavy drinking, being bedridden for 12-24 hours is not. If you truly struggle with getting up and about, it may be due to a significant disruption in your sleep cycle. This is because drinking alcohol, even in just low levels, affects and impairs the response of the circadian rhythm, our body's innate process that synchronises our natural wake and sleep cycle.


2. Hangovers that last more than a day


Hangover symptoms that remain for two days or longer are simply abnormal and unpleasant. Some common reasons why hangovers can overstay their welcome are poor sleep quality and a quick rate of alcohol consumption. For the latter, as alcohol is processed at the same rate no matter what, a quicker intake naturally leads to a quicker intoxication because of a higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC).


3. Head-piercing migraines


Headaches are another common symptom of a hangover and are often a result of dehydration, but they are rarely debilitating. Thus, if you are met with a migraine that comes with nausea or light sensitivity, there may be something more.


4. Trouble sleeping


Most people tend to crash after heavy drinking, but others may wake up multiple times. In such cases, the hangover the following morning may become much worse on top of feeling exhausted.


Alcohol disrupts the normal production of adenosine, the chemicals responsible for regulating sleep and wakefulness. When drinking, more adenosine is produced hence the sleepiness that comes after several drinks. But after the alcohol gets processed, these chemicals subside, making you more likely to wake easily.




Any time people drink too much, a hangover is certain to be there to greet them after the fun is over. However, there are times when people end up with a worse hangover than usual. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, taking alcohol recovery pills may just be what you need.


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