Pepcid for Asian Glow: Is There A Better Alternative?

Some party-goers use Pepcid (Famotidine) to mask their Asian glow. Could this lead to even worse side effects? How does it compare with DrinkAid?

Welcome to the club, fellow Asian.

Feel your face flushing up when you’re not even halfway through your first drink? 

We know how it feels. It almost seems as if you’re unable to handle yourself in front of everybody. Let’s not sugarcoat it – it can be embarrassing. 

Some people talk about an antihistamine called Pepcid and claim it helps the flushing.  Others say it’s just a myth.

Does it truly prevent the Asian glow? Or will it simply make things worse?

First of all... Why is my face turning red?

Asian flush, or Asian glow, happens to people with a mutation in an enzyme called Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2)[1]

This mutation prevents the clearance of acetaldehyde, a by-product of alcohol that is 10 times more toxic[2].

Unable to break down acetaldehyde, we accumulate toxic amounts of it inside our body. This triggers the release of histamine, which gives us our embarrassing glow [3].

What is Pepcid? Is it a miracle cure?

Pepcid (aka Famotidine) belongs to a group of medications called antihistamines. It is most commonly prescribed to treat acid-reflux issues. But what’s the link between acid reflux and Asian flush? Histamine release.

Pepcid blocks the histamine receptors in our stomach lining, curbing the effects of histamine. This may temporarily reduce the Asian flush, but it can be a recipe for danger.

You see, Pepcid does not address the root cause of histamine release – toxic acetaldehyde. 

Once the effects of Pepcid have subsided, it’s almost as if a dam has been broken causing water to burst through. With high amounts of acetaldehyde built up in their bodies, many people report far worse side effects afterwards.

Essentially, Pepcid only masks the symptoms of flushing while failing to address the root cause. 

This is dangerous because you miss the warning signs.  Not knowing your limits, you are far more likely to overdrink and cause yourself to have a rough night. Or even worse, a terrible morning.

A better alternative: Targeting root causes

Instead of masking symptoms, DrinkAid targets the root cause by reducing acetaldehyde levels. This is a much healthier way of preventing your Asian glow. As a bonus, DrinkAid also helps you feel great the next morning!

To achieve this, our DrinkAid ingredients work in unison. For example, our Japanese Raisin Tree contains actives that speed up ALDH2 enzyme activity, while succinic acid and the 3 vitamins directly break down acetaldehyde.

Don’t believe us? Here’s Sherlyn, one of our beta testers whose Asian flush improved by leaps and bounds with the help of DrinkAid:

In a nutshell, DrinkAid is the only product on the market that reduces Asian flush by targeting the root cause – acetaldehyde.

The next time you go out for drinks, remember to have DrinkAid by your side to keep you safe and free from embarrassment. For your peace of mind, DrinkAid has been tested for safety by a HSA-accredited lab and is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility.

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