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For a good time, without the downtime.

DrinkAid enables you to enjoy alcohol better, by reducing the side effects of alcohol consumption. We're here to make drinking a worry-free experience.

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A Better Drinking Experience:

DrinkAid: Complete Alcohol Defence is the most comprehensive alcohol defence supplement that protects you from acetaldehyde, the root cause of side effects

Reduces asian flush/glow

Ease discomfort during/after drinking

Improve productivity the next day

A DrinkAid for any special occasion.

Reach out to us if you need a custom solution for your next big day, be it a wedding dinner or birthday bash. We can make it as memorable as you will be!

  • Complete Alcohol Defence

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    Complete Alcohol Defence
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    RAIR Recovery

Raise your glasses. Let us raise the standards.

The supplement industry can be opaque, but we feel like it shouldn't be. Discover how we're holding DrinkAid at the highest standards here:

5 Common Drinking Myths That You Shouldn't Believe

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Our Community Spotlight

Anti Hangover Supplements Singapore

Andrew Li on taking Zouk worldwide with DrinkAid

This is a must-have for anyone in the hospitality industry. Having tried plenty of anti-hangover products in the past, DrinkAid is the only product that makes me feel noticeably better the next day after a night of drinks.

Alcohol Hangover Pills

Jade Rasif on being a top DJ in Singapore with DrinkAid

Knowing that DrinkAid has my back, I can't wait to see the difference it makes once I start performing when nightlife is back in full force!"

Alcohol Hangover Pills Singapore

Mae Tan on having negronis with DrinkAid

Wow, DrinkAid is good. I drank alot yesterday but I woke up today feeling super fresh. Gave it to my friends as well and everyone's feeling okay. Thanks DrinkAid!

Alcohol Hangover Tablets

Wee Teng Chuen on the value of DrinkAid in business

Being in the fund management business, meetings with clients usually call for a drink or two. With DrinkAid, I can network with ease without worrying about feeling like I got hit by a truck the next morning.

Alcohol Hangover Tablets Singapore

Anna Haotanto on sipping Sauvignon with DrinkAid

To be honest, I was skeptical about DrinkAid since I usually wake up fine after drinking. But the times I took it before heavy drinking, I always wake up feeling refreshed. People have told me they felt the difference too.

Anti Hangover Pills Singapore

Daniel Tam on being Singapore's Casey Neistat with DrinkAid

I always wake up feeling fresh AF whenever I drink to the point where I need these pills. Thanks DrinkAid!!

Anti Hangover Tablets

Alvin Poh on coaching leaders with DrinkAid

Dude, I just tried DrinkAid for the first time and it's definitely helping with my asian flush. More than 50% difference! What a great product.

Anti Hangover Tablets Singapore

FVDER on being Marquee's resident DJ with DrinkAid

I didn't feel the usual pounding in my head after taking DrinkAid. I'm most pleased with the reduced discomfort felt after drinking, especially since my environment requires me to drink very often.